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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Developing mobility for your industry sector!

So when it comes to mobile, what are the many business sectors up to?

We’ve hand-picked a variety of business sector and bespoke project reviews, representative of organisations leading the way within their industry sector.

Within this article we uncover how the financial sector, the B2b supply chain, health, travel and retail are all applying bespoke developments for iPad and digital tablets within their organisation.


Barclays bank deploying 8,500 Apple iPads across branches to improve interaction with customers.

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Deutsche Börse, Standard Life and Resolution are three finance firms that have transformed board room meetings through the use of Apple iPads.

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Standard Chartered Bank is an international bank with 1,800 branches on six continents. iPhone and iPad provide a perfect platform to expand the bank’s mobile services, both internally and to its increasingly tech-savvy customers.

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B2b Supply Chain

In a world packed with warehouses running complex ERP systems and barcode scanners, there are some operators out there who are using off the shelf hardware that's reducing costs and delivering new functionality.

Bordo International, a premium wholesale supplier of industrial and engineering tools is using iPads and iPhones across their business to simplify data collection and warehouse operations.

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The popularity of iPads and iPhones has provided virtualisation vendors a huge boost, because the technology not only gives doctors the freedom to choose their preferred mobile device but also to meet IT's need for structure and security between servers and those devices.

Before the iPad, the main purpose of virtualising an Electronic Health Record (EHR) was to bring the medical record into a patient's room. Since the iPad came out, it's changed the physicians' lifestyle, allowing them to accomplish care tasks outside of the hospital previously unimagined.

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South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT) is to digitise its paper-based library of medical records and provide staff with mobile devices to access the information from the bedside in hospitals or while in the community visiting patients at home.

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As a leading provider of hospital-based rehabilitation facilities, medical and surgical therapies, and outpatient services, RehabCare has one important goal: helping people regain their lives after medical treatment. Now RehabCare has turned to iPhone and iPad to make both its caregiver services and its business operations faster, more accurate, and more responsive.

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British Airways has rolled out more than 2,000 iPads to senior cabin crew since November, but is now focusing on mobile apps, security and building its internal app store.

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An enterprise app store – John Lewis IT chief Paul Coby told Stuart Sumner at how the tablet phenomenon is impacting customer service and online sales at the retail giant.

In tandem with enabling remote devices, Coby is looking at creating a John Lewis app store where staff can download apps to help them in their work.

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