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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Doing Business in the iPad Age!

StyleTech Solutions has reviewed how ‘bespoke iPad software for business' has been applied and how it is benefiting a wide selection of organisations throughout a spectrum of industry sectors.

It goes without saying that bespoke mobile applications and digital hand held devices be it iPad, Android, Windows or other tablet technology can prove to be a powerful and profitable tool for business!

Bespoke Software Development organisations such as StyleTech Solutions accompanied by IT development managers and business leaders throughout the world are identifying innovative ways of utilising bespoke mobile technologies within business environments.

Sure, there are your usual personal Apps available through iTunes or Android and there are Apps that are billed as ‘all-encompassing bespoke business apps’, when really they are just existing Apps aptly renamed for business e.g. A ‘business suite of apps’ may consist of a diary, a calendar, a calculator, a bespoke financial recording tool (a two column spread sheet), an instant messenger, a photo manager and even a spirit level for an added measure!

Could a business suite of this generic nature ever really achieve the ability for you to manage your data securely and efficiently, support your bespoke ordering process or communicate effectively with your suppliers, whilst updating their bespoke product pricing and descriptions?

Could this ‘business suite of apps’ ever enable your suppliers to communicate with you effectively whilst you review their account status?

Could it provide you with a real time bespoke business dashboard packed with bespoke real time company production activity and profitability data?

Could it assist your warehouse managers with stock management and staff rotations?

Could it support your customer service team to deliver improved bespoke service levels to clients?

Could it really provide all those valuable bespoke information commodities that are essential for survival in today’s techno savvy business world?

So what could a bespoke iPad or tablet software development achieve for your business?

The truth is there really are no restrictions to bespoke software development opportunities!
There truly is a whole wide world of possibilities and the iPad world of possibility is open to all.

It is a very rousing time within the digital mobile world and we are very excited about being on board with StyleTech’s bespoke software development expertise for iPad and digital tablets.

If you are looking for ways to utilise iPad and digital tablet technologies to the max, here’s a list of considerations for your business, to get you started:-

Getting ahead of the game!
  • Bespoke software development and integration of iPad and / or digital tablet technology is an opportunity to truly “lead the way in your industry”, if you’re not doing so already!
  • It’s here, it’s now, it has the opportunity to be bespoke (just for you and the needs of your business) and it provides forward thinking organisations with a unique opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead of their competition.

Maximising mobility for service teams!
  • You could look at the iPad as a way of maximising mobility for your field sales, call out managers, client and customer service teams, as did StyleTech’s Facilities Management client!
  • You could for example:- monitor activity within your organisation in real time with the ability to identify staff shortages, production fluctuation data and profitability status!
  • Not to mention monitoring your KPI’s in real time and obtaining all that valuable “Business Intelligence” data with a 360 degree vision on a 24/7/365 basis.
The limits are truly endless and people that are “not limiting their imagination”, are developing new ideas for the application of bespoke iPad and digital tablet technology in a business environment, every single second of every day.

So what are the true business benefits of iPad technology?

Tablet technology has been available for some considerable time, but since the iPad launched into our lives in 2010, the technology has been embraced effectively not just for personal consumer use.

Businesses all over the world within a wide expanse of industry sectors have adopted iPad and digital tablet technology in a bid to improve their business processes and support long term growth and profitability.

Many are already identifying benefits within their business from improved morale through to improved service delivery times. Resulting in increased customer satisfaction levels and in the longer term improved profitability.

Businesses that have taken early adoption of iPad technology now find themselves identifying other areas of their business where mobile technology can be applied, promoting further service improvements and supporting their vision for increased profitability.

The potential benefits of mobile technology are incredible, to name just a few:-
  • Mobilisation of teams
  • Mobilisation of real time data
  • Financial benefits, low cost compared to Desktop and Laptop purchase options
  • Time savings – super efficient usability
  • Data reliability
  • Competitive edge
  • Boost morale
We take a brief look at how different business sectors are applying the technology within their organisation, a little later on.

You can also review a recent case study on the development process and benefits of a bespoke business directory and job planning system for the iPad.

What about data security?
Data security and data integrity is always the priority no matter what your industry sector, be it private or public!

StyleTech reviewed an article that appeared within Computer Weekly recently about the HRMC ensuring compatibility with their data and their systems as they roll out 7,000 mobile devices, including iPads.

HMRC to roll out 7,000 mobile devices
HM Revenue and Customers (HMRC) is to roll out 7,000 mobile devices, including Apple iPads as part of a move to increase mobile working.

Historically HMRC has used standard, locked-down Windows desktops, but now wants to introduce a broader range of devices.

HMRC CIO Mark Hall told Computer Weekly that the move will have a huge benefit for mobile field workers and that they are working on a piece with HR at the moment about mobile working, and how we can make our VAT inspectors more mobile.

The devices will work on non-restricted information, classified at Impact Level 2 security levels and below, with the department working closely with government security arm CESG to ensure that security will not be compromised.

The government is about to re-categorise its data security rules to widen the range of devices cleared to handle sensitive data.

A review last year by GCHQ’s information security arm CESG concluded that iOS6, the latest Apple operating system for iPhones and iPads, is now secure enough to handle restricted government information, providing departments build in additional security controls.

HMRC’s move is likely to make it the biggest Whitehall user of consumer devices such as tablets but large organisations elsewhere are increasingly moving away from the traditional Windows desktop.

For example, Barclays said last year it is rolling out 8,500 Apple iPads across branches to improve interaction with customers.

Article Source:- Click here for the full article (found here on the Computer Weekly website).

What are the many business sectors up to?

We’ve hand-picked a variety of business sector and bespoke project reviews, representative of organisations leading the way within their industry sector.

Within this article we uncover how the financial sector, the B2b supply chain, health, travel and retail are all applying bespoke developments for iPad and digital tablets within their organisation.


Barclays bank deploying 8,500 Apple iPads across branches to improve interaction with customers.

Article source:

Deutsche Börse, Standard Life and Resolution are three finance firms that have transformed board room meetings through the use of Apple iPads.

Article source:

Standard Chartered Bank is an international bank with 1,800 branches on six continents. iPhone and iPad provide a perfect platform to expand the bank’s mobile services, both internally and to its increasingly tech-savvy customers.

Article source:

B2b Supply Chain

In a world packed with warehouses running complex ERP systems and barcode scanners, there are some operators out there who are using off the shelf hardware that's reducing costs and delivering new functionality.

Bordo International, a premium wholesale supplier of industrial and engineering tools is using iPads and iPhones across their business to simplify data collection and warehouse operations.

Article source:


The popularity of iPads and iPhones has provided virtualisation vendors a huge boost, because the technology not only gives doctors the freedom to choose their preferred mobile device but also to meet IT's need for structure and security between servers and those devices.

Before the iPad, the main purpose of virtualising an Electronic Health Record (EHR) was to bring the medical record into a patient's room. Since the iPad came out, it's changed the physicians' lifestyle, allowing them to accomplish care tasks outside of the hospital previously unimagined.

Article source:

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT) is to digitise its paper-based library of medical records and provide staff with mobile devices to access the information from the bedside in hospitals or while in the community visiting patients at home.

Article source:

As a leading provider of hospital-based rehabilitation facilities, medical and surgical therapies, and outpatient services, RehabCare has one important goal: helping people regain their lives after medical treatment. Now RehabCare has turned to iPhone and iPad to make both its caregiver services and its business operations faster, more accurate, and more responsive.

Article source:


British Airways has rolled out more than 2,000 iPads to senior cabin crew since November, but is now focusing on mobile apps, security and building its internal app store.

Article source:


An enterprise app store – John Lewis IT chief Paul Coby told Stuart Sumner at how the tablet phenomenon is impacting customer service and online sales at the retail giant.

In tandem with enabling remote devices, Coby is looking at creating a John Lewis app store where staff can download apps to help them in their work.

Article source:


The generation of fresh ideas and bespoke development of data systems in the bespoke mobile technology world is growing stronger by the day.

For organisations that are contemplating a PC refresh, the bespoke software development, iPad and digital tablet marketplace is evolving.

Bespoke Software Development for digital tablets within industry and commerce is pushing the likes of Apple and iPad to the fore.

We would love to hear about your plans for your own journey towards securing your place within the digital mobile future?

StyleTech Solutions is a Hull based organisation that specialise in
"Bespoke Software Development".

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