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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

IT Outsourcing - multi-sourcing & extending your IT team

An alternative solution to extending your IT team!
2014 will see even more multi-sourced IT outsourcing arrangements compared to traditional large and lengthy tied in contracts. 

Breaking down larger, non-viable contracts into smaller more manageable ones provides an organisation with the ability to take back control and create many cost efficiencies. 

Utilising a variety of specialist organisations to meet your IT requirements ensures you get specific expertise within the industry sector.

No longer do organisations need to settle for mediocre expertise or feel they have to accept an add-on service offering.

The following examples demonstrate how an approach to a multi-sourced IT solution may be fragmented, gaining valuable exposure to specific expertise for your organisation:-

·         New business software development and the analysis and development of legacy systems

·         Business intelligence data reporting and scrutiny

·         System analysis through to implementation plans

·         Networking, infrastructure management through to training and the supply and installation of hardware

·         Data security and back up management

·         Hosting accompanied by support and maintenance arrangements

As technology develops and business intelligence becomes imperative for both business survival and growth, it becomes increasingly difficult and more expensive by the day to manage the ever changing technical needs of the business when outsourcing all IT with one supplier or employing contractors.

Companies want to receive that valuable personal service again, the personal service that the large long term contractual agreement promised and in many instances failed to deliver.

Outsourcing elements of your IT rather than the whole can pay dividends in the long term:-

·         Valuable business and IT knowledge doesn’t just leave the business when the contractor does.

·         Costs are minimised as long term relationships between client and IT partner is developed.

·         Knowledge of IT systems develop, enabling faster response and more efficient and secure management of business critical data.

StyleTech Solutions are a Hull based organisation that specialise in “Bespoke Software Development” and has been supporting multi-sourced IT management with its “Outsourced IT service as an extension to your business” since 1999.  

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