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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Keeping IT simple with StyleTech . . .

When we talk with our clients about their requirements for a software system, application or enhancement, words and phrases like; web based, mobile, tailored, streamlined, user-friendly, intuitive, robust, secure, seamless and integrated are sprinkled liberally through the brief.

The route to satisfying these requirements is invariably a bespoke software system that delivers ‘simplicity’ for the businesses of today accompanied by ‘scalability’ for businesses of tomorrow.

StyleTech’s version of ‘simple’ is clever without being complex, straightforward without being basic and forward thinking without being quirky. It is the most elegant solution and the one we aspire to deliver.

Delivering ‘simple’ could be a bespoke CRM system or database application that integrates seamlessly with existing software to create one central hub of data, a business brain capable of simultaneous recording, updating, analysing and reporting.

Delivering ‘simple’ could be real-time reporting based around financials, sales and production activity.  With 24/7 data access via a cross section of mobile devices such as iPhone and Android, this level of accurate and reliable business and consumer intelligence supports faster and more effective management decisions. 

Delivering ‘simple’ could be an SMS text based mobile application, a bespoke system that could open fast and efficient customer and supplier communication channels via a two-way text messaging service.

Having a finger on that business pulse is critical and has never been simpler!
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