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Friday, 22 August 2014

What do you look for in a Software Development Specialist?

Communicating in the IT world!

It never fails to surprise me how IT organisations whether from a technical or consultancy approach try their best to confuse their clients by baffling them with science.

Why can’t the industry just make software development an easy process for a client?

Us mere mortals (I am allowed to say “us” as my job role within the industry is to ensure a project runs smoothly based on communicating at every level, in good old fashioned plain English).

We don’t want to have to Google every other word or phrase to interpret a conversation.   We don’t need to know about WYSIWYG’S or C# and we certainly don’t care about GUI’s or Log Files. 

What we do care about is working with people who take the time to relate to us, explaining in plain English the impact of the development decisions we make, when working within the bespoke software development world.  

So why do IT people find it difficult to speak freely and easily? 

Well, firstly, I believe there are several different types of IT persona, depending on their job role:-

The Creative
  • There’s the design wizard  
  • The website and SEO guru
  • The social media and marketing genius
  • And the design wizard, website and SEO guru and social media marketing wannabe’s and worse of all who profess to already be!, BEWARE OF THESE ONES, research them, check out their website and review client references!

and . . .

The Assuming
  • The bespoke software developer that develops what they believe is the best solution for a client.  Forgetting or dismissing the fact that communication is the key to knowing what the client and their business wants, plans and needs are.  Starting and planning their design and build immediately on receipt of the order and prior to any analysis taking place, or worse still, building a solution based on someone else’s or on a template that they developed two years ago.

and . . .

The Customer Centric
  • The bespoke software specialist that assumes nothing and communicates very  effectively with a client.  Delivering award winning bespoke software development that is aimed at the exact current needs and long term requirements of the client’s business. 

Q & A time:-

  • What attributes do you look for when deciding who you would like to design and build your bespoke software development?
    • Which type of developer do you believe you are?  
    • Which type of developer do you aspire to be?
    "Keeping it simple" is what the StyleTech Solutions Team do best!

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